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Wake up from your eternal sleep and vanquish powerful enemies while wielding a multitude of weapons and magic abilities.  Harness the Chaos Energy from your foes and increase your power to help you in your quest.


Prepare yourself:  The Nameless One awakens once more...

The first official title to be released by ShenaniganZ Studio, Chaos is a 3rd-person RPG set in an unknown time where the world is wrought with creatures from your worst nightmares.  Uncover more details on the state of the world and discover your true purpose. 


While this is one of my earliest works in my quest to become an indie-developer, it is also one of my most successful and popular.  This game is a nod to a group of successful genres and draws obvious inspiration from the many elements and themes that have since become popular throughout the gaming industry.

The game features simplified 3D RPG elements with the highlights of a souls-like melee and magic ability combat system and gamepad/controller support. Development started around Summer 2015 and is expected to be released initially in Fall 2020 on Steam, with plans in the works for release on other platforms in the near future.

Chaos Development Videos

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