In the beginning...


The sole purpose of ShenaniganZ Studio is to fulfill a lifelong dream of developing and publishing interactive media, but specifically video games.  Any project seen through to completion and publishing will be considered a success.

Why "ShenaniganZ"?

When I was about 15 years old I used to hear the word all of the time.... you're up to shenanigans again, them shenanigans will get you hurt one day, and so on.... but most notably, there are several references in my all-time favorite movie to a certain fictitious restaurant called Shenanigans.  Lines from that movie have been quoted relentlessly for years between friends.  When Halo 2 was released, I created my first XboxLive gamertag with the name Shenan1ganZ.  I wasn't very creative and the normal name was taken already, so I had to capitalize the Z and replace the character "i" with the numeral "1".  It still serves as my gamertag to this day, though I've migrated to mostly PC gameplay.


My wife and I love our huskies.  They have the most incredible personalities and an amount of energy we could only dream of having, and they are constantly up to shenaniganz.